Beginning today is our annual 7th - 8th basketball Festival. 

Monday Jan. 9, 2023

3:30 Shady Grove (H) vs. Hulbert  (A) girls

4:30 Shady Grove (H) vs. Hulbert (A) Boys

5:30 Norwood (H) vs. Lowrey (A) Girls

6:30 Norwood (H) vs. Lowrey (A) Boys

Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

3:30 Hulbert A (H) vs. Lowery (A) girls

4:30 Hulbert (H) vs. Lowery (A) Boys

5:30 Norwood (H) vs. Hulbert B (A) Girls

6:30 Norwood (H) vs. Hulbert B (A) Boys

Concession will be available.  See you at the games.....