Plan for Use of ESSER III Funds

Total $428,001.37

In response to the requirements of the American Rescue Plan, Norwood School conducted a public meeting on June 8, 2021 to identify procedures for utilization of funds from the Education Stabilization Fund and the Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief fund.  From that meeting the following areas were identified.

Other Allowable Uses (80%)


APR-ESSER III funds will be utilized to implement prevention and mitigation strategies emphasized in the updated Norwood Public School Safe Return Plan.  Norwood School will refer to OSHD, OSDE and CDC guidelines when making decisions pertaining to the categories of instruction, activities and health protocols.  Funds will be used to facilitate the protocols developed in these effective areas to ensure the implementation of the most relevant OSHD, OSDE and CDC guidance on reopening schools, in order to continuously and safely offer in- person learning to all Norwood students.  Funds will also be allocated to provide salaries for staff positions that would possibly have been eliminated due to insufficient student enrollment, thus allowing smaller class sizes and greater social distancing.

Student Learning Loss (20%)


The academic impact of lost instructional time will be addressed by the hiring of learning loss instructors.  An instructor will work during the school day to provide one on one instructional time, both in pull out settings as well as team teaching with regular instructors, primarily focusing on learning loss instruction in reading and math.  The SIPPS program and STAR evaluation systems will be implemented to monitor growth and determine individual student needs.  The instructors will work daily with regular classroom teachers to facilitate regularly scheduled benchmark assessments.  The instructors will also work with our students in the after-school program to facilitate remediation in all subjects needed.  Student instructional needs will be determined using the IXL benchmark assessments.